Free account allows buyers and suppliers to register for free. Buyers can find products or post buying queries to attract the right seller. Sellers can post their products and search potential buyers of the product that they are offering.
You can register your account by clicking the “Join Now” button and filling out a simple registration form.
Yes, chemetrade allows you to have multiple accounts for a single organization.
A paid member can post as many products as they like, whereas a free member can post a limited number of products only.
Company video, brochure and certificate is way to attract your potential buyers by enhancing your brand development.
You can easily retrieve your forgotten or loss password by simply visiting:
And click “Forgot password”
You just need to provide the email address by which you have registered your account. A recovery email will be sent to your provided email address.
By utilizing our most ideal and advanced features, you will be able to find suppliers and products easily.
Yes, it is possible. Just browse through the countries and various regions for search.
Yes, all the premium members and suppliers are reliable. These premium members are the verified suppliers who hold a genuine existence.
Buying request is supposedly a very influencing tool. This feature empowers you to post the buying request against the items that you cannot find on the website. This request attracts the sellers, and in return, the buyers get what they were looking for.
If you wish to ensure the reliability and authenticity of any supplier, check their profiles and look for “trusted supplier” logo. This will ensure the reliability of the supplier. For further details, you can contact us at: [email protected]
Just as you register, chemetrade will automatically create a mini-site for you. It grants you with a standard template to help you in enrolling your organizations and post about your product information.
You can find buyers with the help of our intelligent and efficient features, or you can browse through the buy offers that are posted by the clients.
Yes, all the premium suppliers are reliable and authentic with a verified existence. Premium suppliers get the privileges to get their product list on high priority.
Our premium members are allowed to post as many products as they like, whereas for the free members only a defined number of product posting is allowed.
We propose a few essential factors to help you save your business from traps. By following these vital factors, you can enjoy business in a safe environment.
  • Inspect for business credibility
  • Inspect for an authentic and working phone or fax number
  • Look out for references.
  • Depend only on familiar and trusted companies.
  • Ensure that the product is absolutely the same as what you are looking for.
  • Demand for the sample products to make sure they satisfy your requirements.
  • Refrain from providing non-essential financial information.
  • Be vigilant to ensure no unexpected transactions are happening.
Under any circumstances where you did not get delivered with the ordered shipment, or you are seeking for money back, we regret the inconvenience caused to you. The first and foremost thing to do is to immediately report it by “Report Fraud” on the page. Click on the option, and you will be met with a new page, enter the details about the encountered fraud along with the supporting documents. We ensure you to assist you throughout the way with all legalities.
Email: [email protected]
You can simply report fraud by contact at [email protected]
Buyer alerts are simply notifications that tell about new business opportunities. It provides you about new happening at chemetrade. You can simple set your trade alert with respect to content, keyword and regions.
It may vary according to the membership, this feature is also available for Free Members.
What are mode of payments?
chemetrade provides following mode payments
  • Western union
  • Bank Wire Transfer
Dedicated service provides you dedicate key account manager. A dedicated Key account manager will run manage your b2b account effectively.
A professional separated website is a web page created for enhanced brand development. It features user-friendly navigation, catchy graphical user interface and rich features.